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Top Books of 2023


I love reading, and I love talking about reading. I particualrly like recommending good books, and receiving recommendations on good books. Each year I read roughly 80 or so books, and those that stand out as the most helpful and enjoyable end up on my "Top Books" list. My disclaimer: A book listed here does not mean I endorse 100% of the book, but rather, that I enjoyed it and would generally recommend it. 

My Top Books of 2023:


Outlive by Peter Attia 

This book is a fascinating read. Attia addresses in detail the most common ways that people die, and advocates for a new way of thinking through medical treatment. This book wants people to live longer, and also better lives, and it was a stimulating read. 


Thriving in Grace by Joel Beeke

This short little book looks at how the Puritans engaged spiritual disciplines and life. It is brief, accessible, and edifying. I read this early in the year, and found myself greatly encouraged by it. 


The Basic Laws of Human Stupidity by Carlo Cipolla

This book is tiny, funny, and really insightful. Cipolla gives a clear definiton to what it means to do something which is "stupid". It turns out to be a very helpful exercise, and will change the way you think about stupidity, and see it in everyday life. 


The 10 Commandments by Kevin DeYoung

I preached through the 10 Commandments in 2023, and DeYoung's book was one of my favorite resources. This book, built from his own sermons on the 10 Commandments, is accessible, yet still theologically robust. I've handed out a few copies of this already since readiny it myself. 


The Ten Commandments by J. Douma

DeYound and Douma formed my two favorite resources during my series. Douma's work is much longer, and engages with details and discussions which few resources on the 10 Commandments do. I found this to be an excellent conversation partner, and would highly recommend it to someone wanting to study the 10 Commandments, and apply them to real life.


Total Access by Rich Eisen 

I have always enjoyed Eisen's sports commentary, and watch his show when I can. Organized along the League year, Eisen gives a behind the scenes perspective of what really is taking place in the NFL. If you want to understand football better, or just want some really great stories, this book is a treat. 


Why Johnny Can't Sing Hymns by T. David Gordon

I am a big fan of T. David Gordon. This short book looks at the current problem facing the Western Evangelical Church, and the trend which has devleoped which pursues new sounding music, and rejects anything of old(Hymns & Psalms). A truly insightful book which makes a strong case for reforming how we should think about corporate worship. Every church member should read this book.

Spiritual Depression by Martyn Lloyd-Jones 

I have read this book half a dozen times. It is one of, if not my favorite books of all time. Lloyd-Jones walks you through what mature christian living looks like, and deals with the reality that christians face dark spiritual seasons in their lives. Excellent book.


Romans: Volume 1 by D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

Romans by Martyn Lloyd-Jones

I am preaching through Romans currently, and we have been taking our time slowly understanding the rich truth in Paul's most famous letter. As I have been studying and preparing for each sermon, I have enjoyed reading (and listening to) Lloyd-Jones. I think everyone would be better off with a little more Lloyd-Jones in their life, and his Romans sermons are great place to start for rich devotional material. 


The Dejected Soul's Cure by Christopher Love

I have read most resources on the subject of spiritual depression. This book contains Love's exposition of Psalm 42, and it may just be the best writing on Psalm 42 that I have ever read. It is out of print, and can be hard to find, but this book is worth it's weight in gold. 


A Quest For Godliness by J.I. Packer

Packer's classic work gives a detailed look at how the Puritans thought of, and approached the Christian life. This book is truly edifying, and gives a lot of encouragement and challenge to how we should approach the christian life. I ended up highlighting, underlining, or noting most of this book. 

How To Win At Chess by Levy Rozman

I love playing Chess, and have enjoyed studying the strategy of the game. Rozman runs a famous Youtube account, which I watch often. This book represents his best teaching in one single book, and it is the most helpful Chess book I have read. If you want to learn Chess, this book is for you. 

Spiritual Desertion (Classics of Reformed Spirituality)

Spiritual Desertion by Gisbertus Voetius & Johannes Hoornbeeck

This short book is one of the best treatments of spiritual depression out there. Voetius' section in particular is excellent. He walks through a sound theoloigical understanding of the trial, and gives numerous encouragements for christians facing spiritual darkness. This book is very good friend to have when you feel like God is absent. 

It's Better To Be Feared by Seth Wickersham

I love reading books about the New England Patriots. There are better books which tell the story of our 20 year dynasty, but this volume by Wickersham was enjoyable overall, thanks to some previously unpublished stories.