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The New Study Bible You Should Know About

CH study bible

At the end of 2022, Crossway unveiled it's new Church History Study Bible. This long anticipated project promised to produce a Study Bible unlike any other. The notes in this Bible would be from key figures in church history, and represent the best commentary on the text from time tested sources such as Augustine, Calvin, Luther, and more. The Bible has now been released, and I am eager to recommend it to you. 


I don't recommend Study Bibles often. There are so many of them on the market, and so many focused on a particular niche. There seems to be a Study Bible for every kind of person or group, and most seem to fall short. The Study Bible I recommend is the Reformation Study Bible, produced by our friends over at Ligonier, for it's solid reformed commentary, and the resources contained in the back of the Bible. I cannot recall recommending another Study Bible over the course of the past 5+ years. That now changes with the Church History Study Bible. 


To be clear, I don't view the Church History Study Bible as a replacement for a resource like the Reformation Study Bible. Rather, this is a must have as a very helpful supplement. To have a survey of some of church history's major christian theologians commentating on the text in front of you is invaluable. There are entire commentary series devoted to this task, and in the Church History Study Bible, you get essentially a full commentary set in one volume. 


The Bible contains commentary from voices such as Athanasius of Alexandria, John Chrysostom, John Calvin, Martin Luther, John Bunyan, Jonathan Edwards, and Charles Spurgeon and more. It's easy to see what so many people are getting excited about this project. If you want an easily accessible way to converse with some of the greatest christian thinkers throughout history as you study Scripture, this Study Bible is a must have resource. 


The Bible comes in a few different formats. There is a hardcover, a brown TruTone design, as well as a genuine black leather. All of the options are typical Crossway productions- high quality and designed with the reader in mind. Regardless of which one you purchase, it will likely outlast you. This would be a great resource for your study, and a tremendous heirloom to leave to your kids. I highly recommend the Church History Study Bible by Crossway, and encourage you to buy it, and use it, today.