Sunday Worship at 10:30am

Worship Information

We believe that Sunday is the Lord's day, and because of this, we gather every Sunday with fellow believers to be reminded of the Gospel, and to be refreshed in our faith in Christ. Central to this, is a robust committment to, and engagement with, the Word of God. At Redeemer, you will hear expositional sermons, working systematically through books of the Bible. We also will feature each week vital components of our faith, including the Sacraments(Lord's Supper[taken weekly], and Baptism), prayer, singing, reading of Scripture, confessing what we believe, and fellowship. 


You will find our worship style to be blended. We seek to sing songs which contain sound doctrine, and communicate deeply the truths of the christian faith and experience. This means we sing lots of hymns, which have been tested by time, as well as some contemporary songs which have proven to be particularly helpful. We feature a very intentional liturgy, which leads us through helpful, and necessary components of our worship (Prayer, Confession of sin, Confessing what we believe, Reading of Scripture, etc)


We love God's Word, and our Sunday services are marked with a joy for what God has done for us. 


Frequently Asked Questions


Is There a Dress Code?

No! You can come as you are. You will find a wide range of dress from those who attend our services. From blue jeans and flip flops, to suit and tie. Anyone and everyone is welcome to join us.


What is there for Kids?

We believe strongly that the Sunday morning gathering of the church includes all members of the covenant community, that includes the littlest amongst us. We love having our kids join us during the service, and encourage parents to bring their children to worship, and raise them up in the regular practice of attending weekly worship. We offer children's ministry opportunites outside of Sunday service, and more can be found on our events page. 


Can I participate in the Lord's Supper?

All who believe in Jesus Christ alone for their salvation, have been baptized in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and are a member in good standing of any gospel believing church, are welcome to partake with us.