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Best Books of 2021


Every year I read many good books, but some stand out above the rest. What follows is my annual recap of the best books I read during the previous year. New to this year's post, I am also including a longer list of books, which didn't make the top list this year, but were still enjoyable or helpful. I didn't get to as many books as I usually do in 2021, due to having our ...

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Book Review: With A Mighty Triumph! by Rhett Dodson


Pastor Dodson has written another incredibly helpful resource for christians today. All of Dodson's works are biblically saturated, and easily accessible. This short book on the doctrine of the resurrection, is an exposition of 1 Corinthians 15. Broken into 6 small, but meaty chapters, the book seeks to both explain, and apply the truths c...

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A New Map of American Presbyterianism


When I was studying for my ordination exams in the PCA, one field of study which took up much of my time was the history of Presbyterianism in America. I used several different resources, but one of the most helpful was a graph I came upon that tries it's best to depict the several different presbyterian denominations, and how they relate to one another over history. This ...

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How to Read More; Better


I love reading. It is my single favorite hobby to do in life. Those who know me best, will regularly hear me discussing something I am currently reading, or have recently read. As people have come to know me as an avid reader, I often hear the same sentiment- "I wish I read more". I find myself regularly encouraging others in ways to grow as a reader, and in turn, read m...

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Commentaries on John

john commentaries

I spent over a year and a half preaching through the Gospel according to John. Preaching through John was one of the most encouraging, and enjoyable experiences I have had as a Pastor. I thought it may be helpful to list out a few of the most helpful resources that served my preparation well. Most Helpful: 1. The Gospel according to John by D.A. Carson (Pillar NT) T...

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