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A New Map of American Presbyterianism


When I was studying for my ordination exams in the PCA, one field of study which took up much of my time was the history of Presbyterianism in America. I used several different resources, but one of the most helpful was a graph I came upon that tries it's best to depict the several different presbyterian denominations, and how they relate to one another over history. This ...

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How to Read More; Better


I love reading. It is my single favorite hobby to do in life. Those who know me best, will regularly hear me discussing something I am currently reading, or have recently read. As people have come to know me as an avid reader, I often hear the same sentiment- "I wish I read more". I find myself regularly encouraging others in ways to grow as a reader, and in turn, read m...

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Commentaries on John

john commentaries

I spent over a year and a half preaching through the Gospel according to John. Preaching through John was one of the most encouraging, and enjoyable experiences I have had as a Pastor. I thought it may be helpful to list out a few of the most helpful resources that served my preparation well. Most Helpful: 1. The Gospel according to John by D.A. Carson (Pillar NT) T...

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